We, migrants, have been subjected in recent month, not only to real-life physical and psychological threats and violence, but on top of that many of us live in constant fear of attacks or retribution.

The entire muslim population was described in despicable words.

Spanish man was shouted at and pushed around for 15 minutes and followed home.

African refugees were assaulted in the QUB area.

A man was stabbed for not being a local.

A group of teenagers playing football was attacked for being foreign.

Anna Lo was verbally abused because of the colour of her skin.

Polish families had their windows and cars damaged.

A man in Lisburn was very badly beaten.

Excrements were thrown at a Romanian cyclist.


This is only a short excerpt from a very long list, which grows by two attacks every single day.

I, personally, am too scared to reveal my real name, as I’ve received dubious messages online and my family isn’t happy for me to “come-out.”

Having people in position of power, who not only don’t respect it but out-right abuse it, can and possibly will exacerbate the already dire situation in NI.

NI/EIRE is or should be a place for everyone: migrants, locals, muslims, jews, christians and more. It shouldn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, black or white, prod or cat.

We’re all humans and we all fundamentally want to live our lives in peace and respect.

This place, filled with loving and great people, can’t succumb to noisy and dangerous few who are bent on keeping NI in the middle-ages.

It’s time to shove this province from the 50’s into the XXI c. This sort of #lazyracism just won’t do.

A big Thank You to the organisers and everybody who will attend this rally!

Spread the word.


You can join on Facebook for more info:


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  1. When all evidence and historical reference proves that diversity enriches a population and PROTECTS EVERYONE from the threat of marginalisation, why do we still follow the same evil path? Society rightly now reacts to counter even one small step on the road to hatred, genocide, holocaust, but NI has not caught up. The true bigots now show that anyone they can feel superior to is fair game. Let us not fall into the ultra liberal trap either. If someone disabled is a horrible hateful person, it is OK to say. A white child in Northern Ireland will stare at a black person because they are black. They may think they are striking in appearanceThat is OK. They have no concept of racism until it is pointed out. A good parent will address the child with wisdom without embarrassment and tell the child it’s rude to stare at anyone and not give them a liberal race lecture. An Indian prison may hate curry. A catholic may prefer to be in the UK. It’s OK for Polish people to have a shop that sells a few products from Poland. They are no less Belfast citizens. Evidence shows harder working people that would do any job rather than benefits, but workshy benefit scrounges from here are the ones who criticise. We will grow up. NI is a wonderful place for all religions and cultures. Stick with the areas where locals celebrate Devali and Eid with their friends. The areas of bigotry and bricks through windows have always been the same here. I love trying Polish with my little child patients, they laugh at me and it’s great! Please stay and don’t be afraid.

  2. I love my new Polish Kucharek chicken! Why are we only getting that seasoning now! Polish delicatessens are for everyone. Thank you

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